Functional Lights

Bring style and function together to provide task lighting and security.

Fusion Products Functional lights bring style and function together to provide task lighting and security to your home. Typically the functional lights have higher lumens, therefore providing more brightness at night, on and around your property.

Security is important around your property, security solar lights include; flood lights, spot lights, and motion security lights. Also available are a wide range of solar lamp posts which will add brilliant lighting to your property at night once the sun sets.

For outdoor camping or living, our lanterns and bug zappers are ideal, a vast selection is available in different styles and colours, including cameo for the seasoned outdoors person.

Functional lights can also be used as décor pieces, such as wall lanterns, outdoor clocks, gazebo lights, decorative bird feeders, and our rattan solar lamp series, which blends with the existing rattan furniture already in the market place.